Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two projects in one day!

I managed to really start the year off right craft wise.

Last night I was so excited about my sewing machine I decided to rummage through my old fabric stash and see if I could find anything for a one-evening-project.

I didn't have much fabric and I had no patterns, so I thought, what the heck! I'll wing it and see how it goes. So I quickly took my measurements and cut four panels for a simple little skirt which turned out marvelously! I used Kitty Yoshida City Holiday fabric and I was so happy with this quickie project I wore it to class despite the frosty temperature. It's not quite done yet, even though it's wearable, I think I'm gonna add lining and a underlayer ruffle but it's my first piece of clothing EVER which is really exciting.

My second completed project of the day was a pretty beanie, which was originally for my little cousin but it's too big for her. I'm going to make another for her but mean while this one is being adopted by me.

Todays venture was much more mundane, just fixing an old dress with a gathered bust.

Long story short-ish, is that crafting is progessing slowly but sure.

Hopefully I'll have pictures up soon.

Happy crafting!


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